Smart Sourcing Summit Webinar Series 2

Gartner sees the pandemic response in three phases. We need to Respond, Recover & Renew. Respond, we need to act quickly with immediate focus on keeping people safe and essential business functions operating and to remain sustainable. Recover – create a plan to restore to a scalable state. Renew – use lessons learned and emergent patterns from prior phases to coalesce around a new foundation and way forward.

As industry leaders and leaders of organisations, we need to respond to the current crisis proactively with haste. We must be remarkably agile to set ourselves free from traditional business models and move ahead of the crises. We must be accountable, willing to collaborate, be transparent and have the urgency to learn and adapt fast.

To find out just exactly how, come join us at this Smart Sourcing Summit Webinar Series 2020 and be part of the scintillating conversations with industry leaders.


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