Smart Sourcing Summit Webinar Series 1

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused much disruption in the way we operate our business today. But that’s not stopping us to deliver our promises to you as our members as we continue to value add to your membership and to the GBS industry. So here we are bringing to you the first of the Smart Sourcing Summit Webinar Series.

This maiden Smart Sourcing Summit  Webinar Series is titled The New World Order Post COVID-19, is taking place on 4th May 2020, Monday at 3.00pm till 4.30pm.

Here we are as facing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which has brought about disruption to individuals, businesses and causing economic global impact. The disruption or dramatic change has been both good as well as not so good. The world of yesterday is no more and what we see today and the changes that have taken place is a whole new world. The advent of a “New World Order” is at hand. 

This panel will discuss the dramatic changes that is taking effect  in the Global Business Services(GBS) industry and the collective efforts to identify and address the current issues at hand.

This session will be conducted on the Microsoft Teams platform. Details of the link will be shared in due course. 

Looking forward to see you at this Smart Sourcing Summit Webinar Series 1.

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