GBS Asia Awards 2019

OM, an initiative of PIKOM introduces the GBS Asia Awards in 2018 (which was previously known as the OM Excellence Awards); where OM expanded the Awards to include regional players and in place with regional benchmarks and moving up the value chain. The Awards initiative were introduced in 2011 by OM as part of the Industry’s endeavour at recognizing and rewarding excellence in the Global Business Services and Outsourcing space. The Awards which enters it’s ninth year,  is aimed at users and service providers who have individually and collectively pursued global best practises in crafting sustainable value by leveraging on GBS & outsourcing models. We have Awards in 2 main categories and they are Corporate Awards – to recognize YOUR organization & Individual Awards to recognize Individuals in YOUR organization on a platform that gives YOU visibility amongst your peers and Industry.

The basic eligibility criteria is as per below;

1. Pre-requisite Criteria:

  1. Companies, and governments/ public-sector organizations registered in Malaysia, and conducting business in Malaysia [regardless of their shareholding structure] is eligible to participate in these Awards.
  2. Individuals who are rightfully employed with an organization registered in Malaysia.

2. Eligibility Criteria

  1. For engagements to be submitted for awards, OM intends to create as much inclusivity as possible. However, for purposes of ensuring that these awards compliment global expectations as also reflect the marketplace realities, the following principal conditions have to be necessarily met to qualify for inclusion.
  2. All engagements must fulfill requirements and legal obligations of a “contract”.
  3. All engagements must be reflective of a “relationship” between business entities. Any business-to customer engagement is considered out of scope.
  4. The engagements have to reflect deployment of “technology enabled knowledge workers”.
  5. All engagements should be governed, at the minimum, with tangible and agreed “service level agreements”.
The deadline for submission is on the 12th of September 2019 and to nominate click here.

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