(formerly known as Outsourcing Malaysia)  is an initiative of the Global Business Services (GBS) industry and a chapter of PIKOM – The National Tech Association of Malaysia.  OM aims to promote and develop Malaysia’s GBS  industry as a global hub for high-value services. 

Supported by its founding partner – the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) – and spearheaded by a group of prominent industry leaders from the global services industry, OM focuses on enabling both buyers and providers to work together on addressing service needs within the aegis of global best practices and competencies. 

Officiated by the Prime Minister in 2006, OM represents Malaysian outsourcing providers and aims to collectively build a vibrant and strong industry by providing value for members, enhancing global visibility of Malaysian service providers and to facilitate collaboration between businesses and service providers. 

OM members are acknowledged as world-class service providers and are recognized by leading industry publications and listings. OM represents the local outsourcing industry to the government and private sectors both locally and globally. Highlights of the benefits OM members are enjoying are:

Industry Affiliations

Opportunity to engage with international Associations e.g ASOCIO (Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization), WITSA  (World Information Technology and Services Alliance) & IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals).

B2B & B2C Programmmes

OM members will be able to participate in B2B / B2C engagements through conferences, trade shows and seminars. Members will also be privy to subsidized or complimentary conference passes.

Human Capital Development

Awareness programmes for universities and colleges through education fairs and talks. Subsidized trainings for the students and up-skilling for the current workforce.

Talent Council

Opportunity to be a member (by invitation) of the Talent Council & Employment opportunities ( internships or fulltime employees).

Exclusive Subsidies & Discounts

Subsidies on regional or international campaigns and other Capacity Development Programmes. Discounts and complimentary priorities are allocated for participation in seminars, conference, networking events, industry talks, surveys and media promotions.

Networking and Visibility

An opportunity to promote and showcase your brand  and also a platform to be able to widen your network within the SSO community through OM’s events and initiatives. 

Active Engagement with Economic Transformation Programme

OM Members will be the direct beneficiary of the country’s Economic Transformation Programmes (ETP) through business missions, programmes, events, benefits & information.

Industry Information

Providing forums, industry updates, special interest groups for regular discussion, thought leadership and brainstorming sessions.