EPP 3: Positioning Malaysia as a World-class Data Centre Hub


Data centres (DCs) are specialised secured facilities that house sophisticated computer systems and

telecommunication equipment and have become a key structural component for an enterprise’s IT

infrastructure ecosystem. They support the day-to-day operations of applications and data processing as

well as disaster recovery. Apart from creating high-value jobs in the IT ecosystem, DCs also create a positive

spill-over effect to other industries (i.e. telecommunications, IT hardware and software and construction



The DC industry in Asia Pacific is expected to grow by 16.3 percent annually, reaching RM10.9 billion by 2014.


To develop Malaysia as a world-class DC hub, industry and Government will work to coordinate sales

efforts. We will also improve the credibility of Malaysia as a DC hub through benchmarking services and

improving privacy standards and develop human capital to capitalise on higher-value managed services and

increase the number of certified companies.